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2015-02-05 17:02 The USA might start to supply arms to Ukraine

According to the New York Times, NATO’s commander in Europe, American general Phillip Breedlove, approves of supplying “arms for defense” to Kiev, and some officials in the White House and the Pentagon support this proposal.

2014-12-24 17:04 One Direction becomes the most expensive pop group in the history

As experts predict, the British boyzbend One Direction may become the most successful group in the world with revenues of one billion dollars per year.

2014-12-23 17:23 10 Most Popular TV Series

Specialy for our readers we publish 10 Most Popular TV Series including those ones which came to an end this autumn.

2014-12-22 14:45 Kim Kardashian reveals she lost her post-baby weight with Atkins diet

The new mom, who has done Atkins before, started the program once she got the approval from her doctor

2014-12-17 17:44 Clive Palmer who plans to build "Titanic II" will make a movie "Titanic II"

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who plans to build an ocean superliner “Titanic II” – a replica of the sunken 101 years ago, ” Titanic ” , has decided to make a movie “Titanic II”.

2014-12-16 18:08 Christian Bale to become a father for the second time

British actor Christian Bale widely known for playing Batman, as well as in such films as “American Psycho” and “The Sting -American” will become a dad once again. His wife, 40 -year-old star, Sandra ” Sibi ” Bale, waiting for their second child.

2014-12-15 17:51 The stolen three years ago Stradivarius violin was found in London

The UK police have found the unique Antonio Stradivari violin stolen almost three years ago, valued at 1.9 million dollars.

2014-12-11 11:35 Alisher Usmanov is recognized as the richest man in Britain

British newspaper The Sunday Times has named the richest businessman in the UK. It is the owner of “metalloinvesta” and co-owner of 30% of the shares of FC “Arsenal” Alisher Usmanov. The earnings of magnate estimated at 13.3 billion pounds.

2014-12-10 10:47 Ciara announces pregnancy

The singer, who is engaged to rapper Future, put the rumors to rest by confirming she’s expecting.

2014-12-09 17:36 Michael Douglas feels a little "underestimated" in Hollywood

Even with two Oscars, two Golden Globes, an Emmy, and countless other accolades, Michael Douglas feels “underestimated” in Hollywood.

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RIA News:

25.2.2021 18:18 Russian Diplomats Leave North Korea by Handcar Amid COVID-19 Lockdown - Photo, Video

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian diplomats resorted to an unconventional means of travel to cross the border from North Korea on Thursday after the reclusive Communist state shut borders to stop coronavirus slipping in.

25.2.2021 18:6 Japanese Scientists Find Possible Way to Combat Radiation With Pork Bones, Media Says

The radiation absorbent made from pork bones could potentially be used to deal with the existing contamination around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and to curb the spread of contaminants in groundwater.

25.2.2021 17:55 US Senate Confirms Jennifer Granholm to Be Biden's Energy Secretary

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US Senate on Thursday confirmed Jennifer Granholm to be the next Energy Secretary.

25.2.2021 17:30 ‘It Just Never Ends’: Trump’s Tax Returns Handed Over to Manhattan Prosecutor After Lengthy Battle

On Monday, in response to a Supreme Court ruling greenlighting the disclosure of his financial records, Donald Trump lashed out at the Democrats and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, accusing them of trying to continue “the greatest political witch hunt in the history of our Country.”

25.2.2021 16:44 Two Maltese Men Charged With Supplying Bomb Which Killed Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Daphne Caruana Galizia, an influential blogger in Malta who had reported on political corruption, was killed by a car bomb on 16 October 2017. The investigation into her murder has ended the career of the country’s prime minister and highlighted a seam of corruption.

25.2.2021 16:39 'Thanks Jack!': Twitter's 'Hacked' Documents Warning Backfires, Leading to Exposé Going Viral

A few days after a major exposé of a UK government funded influence campaign targeting Russia, which also implicated Reuters, Bellingcat and the BBC, Twitter applied a warning label to any post sharing the article via the social media giant's platform.

25.2.2021 16:34 Texas Cold Snap Reportedly Proving Deadly for State’s Birds, Gators, Bats and Turtles

The Lone Star State has taken the brunt of deadly winter storm weather which rocked multiple US states earlier this month and left millions of people without electricity or water, with dangerous levels of snowfall and temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius recorded.

25.2.2021 16:29 'Someone Has to Do It!': Nuns Expelling 'Demons' From Irish Parliament Accused of COVID Breach

A group of nearly 70 ‘believers’ gathered in Dublin in December to carry out an ‘exorcism of the Dail’ ritual while the country was under COVID lockdown.

25.2.2021 16:26 French Village Denies Musk’s Starlink Antennae Installation, Citing Electromagnetic Risks

SpaceX’s Starlink now enjoys competition from Amazon's satellite Internet plan known as Project Kuiper, which is in some ways similar to Musk’s project.

25.2.2021 16:6 Leaked Docs Reveal Thatcher Was Warned Against Pushing Anti-Saddam Propaganda Due to Arms Sales

Although Saddam Hussein was toppled from power after a joint invasion by the United Kingdom and the United States in 2003 based on erroneous claims that the Iraqi leader had been developing weapons of mass destruction, years before, London and America had been selling arms to the regime in Baghdad.

25.2.2021 16:2 China’s Xiaomi Pushes to Ramp Up Smartphone Production in India as Border Tensions Subside

India's government has been inviting and wooing foreign tech firms to join its ‘Make in India’ programme to boost the country's manufacturing. In April 2020, a government-approved scheme for mobile phone and component makers resulted in $4.8 billion of production and attracted $179 million in investments.

25.2.2021 16:1 Tax Breaks, Furlough Extension, Fiscal Stimulus Reportedly Set Out in UK Budget to Kickstart Economy

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who is to deliver the next Budget on 3 March, as the nation faces a plethora of challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic, earlier underscored that the focus would be on “the next stage” of the response to COVID-19.

25.2.2021 15:33 Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Reportedly Shot Four Times as Two of Singer's Pets Stolen

The ‘Poker Faced’ singer has three French bulldogs - Koji, Miss Asia and Gustavo.

25.2.2021 15:18 After Australia, Indian Newspapers Society Asks Google to Share 85% of Advert Revenue

Earlier this month, Australia demanded that social networking giants like Facebook and Google compensate Australian news outlets for news that appears on their platforms. At first, Google and Facebook deleted the news from their apps for Australian users but after talks with the government finally accepted the policy.

25.2.2021 15:3 UK Welcomes Russia's Candid Release of Sputnik V Results in The Lancet, Ambassador Says

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The publication of interim results of clinical trials of Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V by the producers was welcomed in the United Kingdom as bolstering "transparency and access," UK Ambassador to Russia Deborah Bronnert said on Thursday.

25.2.2021 14:48 Lithium Battery Shortage Threatens 1,000 UK Jobs as Car Giant Baulks at Investing in UK Factory

In 1957 Vauxhall built a car factory on a former RAF base at Ellesmere Port near Liverpool. The factory currently manufactures the Vauxhall Astra but its parent company wants to close it down.

25.2.2021 14:32 BBC to Implement Diversity Directive with 'Unconscious Bias' Training, 50-50 Male/Female Staff Split

Unconscious bias training in the UK was scrapped for civil servants after a study found no evidence of its effectiveness.

25.2.2021 14:28 UK Court Clears Decks for Extradition of Fugitive Diamond Merchant Nirav Modi to India

Nirav Modi fled India in 2018 after being accused of defrauding India's state-backed Punjab National Bank (PNB) of $1.3 billion. He's been pursued by Indian authorities in the UK since 2019, with an arrest warrant issued against him in 2019. Two Indian federal agencies have registered separate cases against Modi over the alleged fraud.

25.2.2021 14:26 Déjà vu? GameStop Shares Shoot Up Again, Gaining 100% in Value

The January GameStop swirl caused one of the biggest disruptions on Wall Street since the markets meltdown presaging the 2008/09 financial crisis.

25.2.2021 13:51 UK's 'Wild West' A-Level, GCSE Grading Plan Slammed as Fraught With Fiasco 'Worse Than Algorithm'

According to a plan elaborated by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), trust will be put “in teachers, rather than algorithms” for grading over 1.2 million pupils in England “on what they have been taught”, as exams in the UK are scrapped in 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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