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2014-12-09 12:58 Vera Brezhneva hides tattoos in underwear

Recently, after the release of a new video of Vera Brezhneva, the fans started talking about the fact that the star has a tattoo in a very intimate place.

2014-12-04 17:24 Dima Bilan was called a thief

AvtoVAZ got unique equipment , through which you can explore the car smells.

2014-12-03 12:50 Russian PM Medvedev Has Over 2 Mln Twitter Followers

The number of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s followers on Twitter has exceeded 2 million.

2014-12-02 17:55 "VKontakte" will not remove much of the music tracks

Social network “VKontakte” will delete the recorded music only at the request of the right holder, the majority of the recordings is to be saved. This was stated by social network spokesman George Lobushkin.

2014-11-30 09:16 AvtoVAZ cut car production by 20%

Last year, AvtoVAZ produced 438,435 cars LADA, which is 20.6 % lower than a year earlier.

2014-11-27 18:10 Russia Kremlin Website Hacker Sentenced for Hooliganism

A Russian court convicted a computer hacker who broke into the presidential website to 18 months of probation, a court representative said Monday.

2014-11-26 17:55 Airport "Sheremetyevo" imposed restrictions on hand luggage

Capital Airport “Sheremetyevo” imposed temporary restrictions on rules for taking passengers baggage.

2014-11-25 17:34 A Half of Russians Regret Loss of Soviet Union

More than half of Russians regret the breakup of the Soviet Union and believe that it could have been avoided, a respected independent pollster said Tuesday.

2014-11-11 11:15 Svetlana Loboda broke off her relations with husband

As it turned out, the former singer of the band “VIA Gra” and now a successful ukranian solo singer Svetlana Loboda no longer lives with the civilian husband and father of their daughter Lina. Andrey Tsar has not only moved out of their shared home, but moved to another city.

2014-11-06 12:59 Russian Church Has High Expectations for Pope Francis

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said at a meeting with a Roman Catholic cardinal that the Russian Orthodoxy had high expectations for Pope Francis’s pontifical tenure.

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RIA News:

19.11.2019 14:20 Breaking Badsky: Russian Police Liquidate Huge Drug Lab Outside Moscow – Video

According to authorities, the lab contained tonnes upon tonnes of chemicals, and was operated by Russian and Ukrainian nationals who engaged in shipping drugs and their precursors across Russia.

19.11.2019 4:49 Security Guard Detained For Letting Armed Student Into Blagoveshchensk College

BLAGOVESHCHENSK (Sputnik) – The city court of Blagoveshchensk arrested a college security guard on Tuesday for letting the student who carried out the deadly shooting last week into the college building, a Sputnik correspondent reports.

19.11.2019 3:33 START Treaty Non-Renewal Becoming More Realistic Prospect - Russian Envoy in Vienna

(Sputnik) - The possibility of the United States and Russia not extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) has become a more realistic development, according to the Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov.

18.11.2019 16:52 Russian Lawmaker Says Recalling Draft Law on Major IT Firms to Add Amendments

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian lawmaker Anton Gorelkin said on Monday he had withdrawn his draft law on foreign shareholders of major IT companies to add amendments.

18.11.2019 14:51 Kremlin Cannot Interfere in Yandex's Corporate Management Structure Change - Spokesman

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia's top technology company Yandex did not agree its corporate governance change with the Kremlin, which has no right to interfere in such decisions, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.

18.11.2019 11:37 Foreign Forces May Be Behind Growing Unrest in Iran — Russian Foreign Ministry

Protests erupted in several cities across Iran on Friday following the announcement that government-set petrol prices in the country will increase by at least 50 percent.

18.11.2019 9:5 Chinese Media Names Russia's "Weak Spots"

The Chinese media outlet Sohu touted Russia as “one of the three strongest world powers”, referring to the country’s “terrifying military power and vast territory” and added that “no one can ignore it”.

18.11.2019 8:57 ‘NATO is Eroding and I Can Only Welcome That’, Claims German Parliamentarian

Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron called attention to the ongoing crisis in NATO, telling The Economist that “we are currently experiencing . . . the brain death of NATO” and Europe “must regain military sovereignty”.

17.11.2019 12:39 Russia's United Aviation Corporation Intends to Increase Annual MC-21 Aircraft Output

The experimental MS-21 aircraft are assembled at the company's Irkut plant, which currently has the capacity to produce up to 70 aircraft per year.

17.11.2019 8:1 Military Drone Crashes Behind Residential Building in Russia - Photo, Video

In a tiny town in the Ryazan Region 200 km from Moscow, an Orion military UAV crash-landed, according to Sergei Bubenev, a investigator specialising in major cases for the Moscow inter district's Investigative Committee for Transport.

16.11.2019 23:22 Russian Figure Skaters Clear All Gold at 2019–20 ISU Grand Prix in Moscow

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian figure skaters won on Saturday all four disciplines at the home event of the 2019–20 International Skating Union (ISU) Grand Prix in Moscow.

16.11.2019 18:9 User Friendly: Russian Su-57 Jet Has Better Interface Than US F-35 or F-22 - Air Force General

The Russian aircraft is a fifth-generation air superiority stealth fighter that performed its maiden flight back in 2010. It is currently in the final stage of development and is expected to be available after 2020.

16.11.2019 15:48 Russia Officially Invited to Join Notre Dame Rebuilding Efforts - French Ambassador

KHANTY-MANSIYSK, Russia (Sputnik) - France has conveyed an official invitation to Russian experts to join it in rebuilding the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral, the country's ambassador in Moscow, Sylvie Bermann, said on Saturday.

16.11.2019 12:57 US Soldiers Test Russian-Made T-80U Tank During Military Drills - Video

The T-80 is a third-generation main battle tank that has served in the Russian military since 1980. The tank and its numerous modifications, including the T-80U, are in service in Belarus, Cyprus, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, and Ukraine.

16.11.2019 11:32 Hurricane-Like Wind Rips Off Billboard in Russia's Far East - Video

The cyclone causing the strong gusts of wind came from China, according to regional portal The air mass brought heavy precipitation that exceeded monthly levels in just a couple of days.

16.11.2019 10:11 UN Probe Into Airstrikes in Northwestern Syria Looking at 7 Specific Incidents - Source

UN (Sputnik) - A UN commission, which is currently investigating airstrikes on humanitarian facilities in Syria's northwestern region, is examining seven such events, a UN source told Sputnik.

16.11.2019 0:34 UN to Follow Up on Member State Data on Hospital Bombings in Syria's Idlib - Spokesman

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) - The United Nations will evaluate relevant information provided by its member states including Russia that could be used in the investigation led by the special board of inquiry into alleged aerial bombings of hospitals in Syria’s Idlib, UN spokesperson Farhan Haq said in a press briefing on Friday.

15.11.2019 16:56 How Will Moscow Surprise Barcelona?

Moscow wants to confirm its Smart City status by presenting electronic "smart" services at the Smart City Expo World Congress on 19-21 November in Barcelona.

15.11.2019 16:23 IT Export from Moscow Companies Increased by Almost 38% this Year

In the first 8 months of this year, exports of high-tech IT products from Moscow companies have increased by 37.7% compared to the same period last year, reaching $244.4 million, Alexey Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, said regarding the participation of the city in the Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon.

15.11.2019 10:46 Lithuanian President Pardons 2 Russian Citizens Convicted of Spying

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda has pardoned two Russian citizens, Nikolai Filipchenko and Sergey Moiseenko, who had been convicted on espionage charges, the president's office said on Friday.

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