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2014-12-08 12:58 Vera Brezhneva hides tattoos in underwear

Recently, after the release of a new video of Vera Brezhneva, the fans started talking about the fact that the star has a tattoo in a very intimate place.

2014-12-03 17:24 Dima Bilan was called a thief

AvtoVAZ got unique equipment , through which you can explore the car smells.

2014-12-02 12:50 Russian PM Medvedev Has Over 2 Mln Twitter Followers

The number of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s followers on Twitter has exceeded 2 million.

2014-12-01 17:55 "VKontakte" will not remove much of the music tracks

Social network “VKontakte” will delete the recorded music only at the request of the right holder, the majority of the recordings is to be saved. This was stated by social network spokesman George Lobushkin.

2014-11-29 09:16 AvtoVAZ cut car production by 20%

Last year, AvtoVAZ produced 438,435 cars LADA, which is 20.6 % lower than a year earlier.

2014-11-26 18:10 Russia Kremlin Website Hacker Sentenced for Hooliganism

A Russian court convicted a computer hacker who broke into the presidential website to 18 months of probation, a court representative said Monday.

2014-11-25 17:55 Airport "Sheremetyevo" imposed restrictions on hand luggage

Capital Airport “Sheremetyevo” imposed temporary restrictions on rules for taking passengers baggage.

2014-11-24 17:34 A Half of Russians Regret Loss of Soviet Union

More than half of Russians regret the breakup of the Soviet Union and believe that it could have been avoided, a respected independent pollster said Tuesday.

2014-11-10 11:15 Svetlana Loboda broke off her relations with husband

As it turned out, the former singer of the band “VIA Gra” and now a successful ukranian solo singer Svetlana Loboda no longer lives with the civilian husband and father of their daughter Lina. Andrey Tsar has not only moved out of their shared home, but moved to another city.

2014-11-05 12:59 Russian Church Has High Expectations for Pope Francis

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said at a meeting with a Roman Catholic cardinal that the Russian Orthodoxy had high expectations for Pope Francis’s pontifical tenure.

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RIA News:

24.8.2017 7:48 Russian Deputy PM Says Supports Cryptocurrencies, Would Welcome Cryptoruble

Igor Shuvalov said that that he supported cryptocurrencies and would welcome the appearance of the cryptoruble.

24.8.2017 0:25 Shell Plans to Double Number of Gasoline Stations in Russia to 450

Sergey Starodubtsev, the CEO of Shell NeftRoyal, said that Dutch Shell plans to increase the number of its gasoline stations in Russia to about 450.

23.8.2017 18:57 Russian Aerospace Forces Satisfied With Tests of 5th-Generation Su-57 Fighter

According to Commander Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev, Russian Aerospace Forces satisfied with the ongoing tests of Russia's Su-57 fighter.

23.8.2017 11:54 Armed Group Suspected of Police Killings Neutralized in Russia's Ingushetia

An armed group suspected of involvement in the killings of police officers and shootings targeting a regional security building have been neutralized in Russia's Republic of Ingushetia, the National Antiterrorism Committee (NAC) said Wednesday.

23.8.2017 11:9 Heavy Combat Vehicle Show Rocks 2017 ARMY Forum in Russia (VIDEO)

Watch a stunning heavy combat vehicle show on the second day of the 2017 ARMY forum in Russia.

23.8.2017 6:10 Lebanon Interested in Russian Buggies, Armored Personnel Carriers

Lebanese Defense Minister Yacoub Sarraf said that the Lebanese Army is interested in buying Russian military buggy vehicles and armored personnel carriers in order to use them in counter-terrorist operations.

23.8.2017 0:59 Ka-62 Helicopter to Receive International Certificate in 2020

Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said that the new Russian multirole helicopter Ka-62 will receive an international certificate in 2020.

23.8.2017 0:5 Latest Russian Military Hardware on Display at Army-2017 Forum

Russia’s Army-2017 Military Forum featured over 18,000 items, from ammo rounds to military scuba gear to next-gen battle tanks like the T-14 Armata. Sputnik correspondents got a chance to walk around the venue and explore Russia’s latest military hardware.

22.8.2017 21:29 Ecuadorian 'Tsar' of Russian Football Shares Expectations of FIFA 2018

Christian Noboa, an Ecuadorian midfielder of FC Zenit in St. Petersburg has an almost 10-year career on the Russian team, which has ensured him the nickname Tsar. In an interview with Sputnik he shared his experience of beating FC Barcelona, living in Russia and what to expect from FIFA 2018.

22.8.2017 18:24 Has Russian 'Propaganda' Been Exposed by New US Website or Is It Just Hot Air?

A new website, Hamilton 68, claims to be able to track Russian "propaganda" and "fake news" on Twitter. But Sputnik takes a closer look, to find out if it has found a "smoking gun."

22.8.2017 18:10 Trotsky's Grandson Shares Exclusive Details of Revolutionary's Fate

August 21 marked 77 years since the death of prominent Russian revolutionary Lev Trotsky who was assassinated by Spanish-born NKVD agent Ramon Mercader in his house near Mexico City. Sputnik talked to Trotsky’s grandson Esteban Volkov who was in the house when that fatal attack occurred.

22.8.2017 17:12 Russia's Next Gen Warship Armed With Kalibr to Be Handed to Navy Next Year

The lead ship of Project 22800 (codenamed Karakurt) armed with Kalibr cruise missiles will be handed to the Russian Navy in 2018, Renat Mistakhov, director general of the Zelenodolsk Gorky Plant shipbuilder, told Sputnik on Tuesday at the Army-2017 forum.

22.8.2017 15:52 Stunning Aerobatics Show at 2017 ARMY Forum in Russia (VIDEO)

Watch a stunning aerobatics show at the 2017 ARMY forum in Russia.

22.8.2017 15:41 Russia's MiG-41 Interceptor Aircraft to Be 'Absolutely New Jet'

Supplies of Russia's MiG-41 interceptor aircraft, known earlier as the PAK DP, will begin in the mid-2020s, Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Director General Ilya Tarasenko told reporters at the Army-2017 forum Tuesday.

22.8.2017 15:10 Kalashnikov Develops Anti-UAV Electronic Device That Does It All

Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern has come up with the REX-1. This is a nonlethal electronic weapon capable of shooting down drones and jam mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals, deputy director of Kalashnikov subsidiary, Zala Aero Group, Konstantin Abashkin told Sputnik.

22.8.2017 15:8 Russia Plans to Launch 3 Proton, 2 Rokot Spacecraft by Year-End - Space Center

Russia is going to launch three Proton and two Rokot launch vehicles by the end of 2017, the Khrunichev Space Center head told reporters at the Army 2017 forum Tuesday.

22.8.2017 13:24 'Provoked NATO-Russia Conflicts' Possible but 'No One Needs Nuclear Apocalypse'

Occasional incidents between Russian and NATO military forces are fairly possible, and some of them may be intentionally provoked, Russian International Affairs Council expert Prokhor Tebin told Sputnik.

22.8.2017 13:18 Russian Defense Minister Reiterates Putin's Call for Joint Anti-Terror Front

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu called on the military community to fight efforts against international terrorism and share experience in countering this threat.

22.8.2017 12:16 Russia Expects WTO Decision on Anti-EU Third Energy Package Lawsuit in Fall

A Senior Russian Economic Development Ministry official stated that the WTO is likely to decide on Russia's lawsuit against the EU over its domestic energy market legislation this fall.

22.8.2017 7:28 S. Korean President Plans Hold Talks With Putin in Russia in September

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in September.

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