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2014-12-08 12:58 George Lucas got married for the second time

The creator of “Star Wars” 69-year-old filmmaker George Lucas was married a second time. His choice was a 44-year-old Mellody Hobson.

2014-12-03 17:24 Leonardo DiCaprio to play Roosevelt

Next role of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio will be the role of the United States President Theodore Roosevelt. The star of “Wolf of Wall Street” is going to be transformed into 26th American President with a help of Martin Scorsese.

2014-12-02 12:50 Rihanna became the most popular singer in the world

Rihanna was named the most trend singer in the world, according to a new rating of Spotify. The list was compiled in preparation for the International Women’s Day.

2014-12-01 17:55 Michael Jackson could have died from insomnia

Pop singer Michael Jackson could have died due to lack of quality sleep. Such a conclusion was made by Harvard professor of sleep medicine Charles Cheyzler.

2014-11-28 13:16 AvtoVAZ began manufacturing LADA Kalina wagons

AvtoVAZ began mass production of the new LADA Kalina estate car.

2014-11-26 18:10 Selena Gomez lost her virginity with Justin Bieber

Young Canadian singer Justin Bieber “boasted” to a friend that he had deflowered Selena Gomez.

2014-11-25 17:55 Jennifer Love Hewitt secretly married Brian Hallisay

The 34-year-old actress is secretly married her former ‘The Client List’ costar, Brian Hallisay.

2014-11-24 17:34 The name of the movie with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became known

“By the Sea” is the name given to a new film with Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The owner of the film is company Universal Pictures.

2014-11-10 11:15 Cate Blanchett addresses Dylan Farrow's open letter accusing Woody Allen of child abuse

Cate Blanchett, pictured with Woody Allen and Alec Baldwin on the set of Blue Jasmine, has broken her silence on the open letter from Dylan Farrow accusing Allen of sexually abusing her as a child.

2014-11-05 12:59 Benedict Cumberbatch wants to play the role of a fool

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch says he is willing to play a fool. Star warns fans of one of his most famous characters Sherlock Holmes – he is not the most pleasant guy.

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RIA News:

25.5.2017 3:48 Beijing Challenged in South China Sea as US Warship Sails Near Chinese Island

A US Navy warship has conducted a freedom of navigation operation in South China Sea to demonstrate that Washington doesn't recognize China's maritime claims in the region.

25.5.2017 3:47 ‘He Body Slammed Me’: Montana GOP Candidate Assaults Journalist, Flees Scene

One day before a US Congress special election in Montana, GOP candidate Greg Gianforte physically assaulted Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. He “body slammed me and broke my glasses,” Jacobs said as he left the scene of the sudden attack.

25.5.2017 3:45 ‘A Serious Threat’: Sea Levels Rising Three Times Faster Than in 1992

According to a new study from European researchers, sea levels are rising three times as quickly as they were 25 years ago, placing hundreds of millions of people living in coastal areas at risk.

25.5.2017 3:34 Russia to Strike Eight Organizations Off 'Foreign Agents' Register

Eight entities are poised to be removed from Russia’s list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) after it is confirmed they have been without foreign funding for over a year, a Russian presidential aide told Sputnik on Wednesday.

25.5.2017 3:31 US Military Raids in Yemen Escalate as Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

As Yemen teeters on the brink of a cholera outbreak, the US continues to carry out military operations that frequently result in still more civilian deaths. Radio Sputnik’s Loud and Clear spoke with Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, about how US operations are making a bad situation in Yemen even worse.

25.5.2017 3:30 Manchester Bomber Reportedly Linked to Major Daesh Recruiter in Britain

Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi was reportedly linked to a well-known Islamist recruiter in the United Kingdom who had convinced hundreds to join, media reported Wednesday.

25.5.2017 3:18 Colorado Man in Clown Makeup With Blades in His Gloves Arrested for Murder

A Colorado man with an extensive and violent criminal history has been arrested after stabbing and slashing a man to death using a glove with knives embedded in it.

25.5.2017 3:0 US Navy SEAL Imposter Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

A 68-year-old Wisconsin man who falsely claimed to be a decorated US Navy SEAL to get government benefits has been sentenced to four years in jail for theft and faking paperwork.

25.5.2017 2:56 99 Luftballons: South Korean Troops Open Fire on DPRK Balloon Crossing Border

South Korean soldiers stationed alongside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) opened fire on an unidentified flying object crossing the border on Tuesday. Authorities say that the object was most likely a North Korean balloon carrying propaganda leaflets.

25.5.2017 2:46 Sweden Aims to Amend Migration Laws to Avoid Deportations Over Employers' Errors

The Swedish government has proposed amendments to its migration laws in order to protect migrants from being deported because of administrative errors made by their employers, local media reported on Wednesday.

25.5.2017 2:41 Cold Welcome for Donald Trump in Brussels Ahead of NATO Summit

As leaders of the 28 NATO member states arrived in the Belgian capital for their annual meeting, thousands marched through Brussels in protest. While some activists held broadly anti-NATO signs, the majority of them seem to hold just one NATO leader in particular contempt – and that person is Donald Trump.

25.5.2017 2:37 Friend or Foe? South Korean Military to Upgrade Aircraft Identification System

As threats of military conflict continue unabated from its northern neighbor, South Korea’s military officials have signaled the need to upgrade their nation’s ability to quickly determine whether incoming aircraft are friend or foe.

25.5.2017 2:34 Europe Braces for In-Flight Electronics Ban Ahead of Trump Meeting

European Union officials are warning airlines and airports to prepare for the extension of an in-flight ban on passengers’ personal electronics, ahead of a meeting with US President Donald Trump on aviation security.

25.5.2017 2:19 Father of Manchester Attack's Suspected Perpetrator Detained in Libya

The father of the suspected perpetrator of the deadly Manchester terror attack was detained Wednesday in Libya’s capital while he was recording a television interview, media reported.

25.5.2017 1:55 Manchester Attack: New York Times ‘Undermines’ Counter Terror Investigation

The publication of leaked images of the Manchester Arena crime scene and evidence collected there could threaten the integrity of the UK’s active counterterrorism investigation into the horrific suicide bombing attack outside an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, British police said.

25.5.2017 1:9 'No Substance': Trump’s Meeting With Abbas a 'Big Victory' for Netanyahu

On Tuesday, Donald Trump visited the southern occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem and held a joint news conference with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

25.5.2017 1:8 Washington Says Works With Moscow on Repatriating Russian-Origin Fuel

Washington is planning to continue working with Russia on repatriating Russian-origin fuel from other countries, Department of Energy Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Frank Klotz said on Wednesday.

25.5.2017 0:52 Seventh Suspect Arrested in Connection with Manchester Arena Bombing

Greater Manchester police have announced the arrest of a seventh suspect in connection to the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena on Monday that killed 22.

25.5.2017 0:51 Meltdown or Mishap? New Jersey Residents Get False Emergency Nuclear Alert

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents received a nuclear power plant emergency warning on Tuesday night. There was just one problem: there was no emergency, and the warning was sent out by mistake.

25.5.2017 0:48 'Trump Not Welcome': Some 6,000 People Protest Against US President in Brussels

Police figures showed that around 6,000 people in Brussels participated in a demonstration against US President Donald Trump, who arrived in the Belgian capital on Wednesday and will participate in the NATO summit on Thursday.
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